Nykia Scruggs


Charlotte (Charlie) Renee Wilson

Mother and my inspiration


Our Journey

In 2005, Nykia Scruggs, the founder decided to transition to a healthier way of life.  She focused on total body health and hair care. She did so inspired by her mother’s, Charlotte Renee Wilson, battle with Lymphoma cancer. Her mother was diagnosed and immediately underwent chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy took a toll on her body. The chemotherapy altered her body and hair texture forcing some changes. Nykia took inventory of her life and how she was caring for her body. This started a journey that birthed Charlie Renee.

During her mother’s recovery and Nykia’s transition to a more natural way of living, Nykia was very mindful of what she put in and on her body.  She found it very difficult to find products to naturally nourish the total body. Most of the products were filled with chemicals, failed promises and discouraging results. The lack of natural alternatives available in local stores forced her to try another route.

With her focus on total body health, Nykia started researching natural ingredients. She would dedicate time to researching ingredients, visiting farmers markets, and testing ingredients. She was able to learn about natural herbs and foods that served multi-purposes.  With the assistance of her mother and friends, she started planting fresh flowers, herbs and cultivating relationships with natural vendors.  She took that knowledge and would share the information with her family and friends.

Charlotte Renee (Scruggs) Wilson lost her battle on February 18, 2017.  Nykia wanted to honor her mother by creating Charlie Renee, LLC.   ‘Charlie’ is a nickname her stepfather, Michael Wilson, would call her mother.  She wanted a name that would make her think of her mother every time she heard it. 

Nykia is taking the information she’s learned and sharing it with you. With Charlie Renee, LLC, Nykia hopes to establish a healthier community, provide natural products and knowledge that will add to your life.