What are single strand knots?  Single strand knots, also known as fairy knots, are tiny knots found at the end of your coily strands.  They feel like little beads on the strand.  Single strand knots are a familiar pain for most people with curly hair. Many get very frustrated with the appearance, that the simply trim the knots strand by strand.  Though this may be a great short term solution, it is time consuming and not a long term remedy. 

How are single strand knots formed?

The curly strands that grow from the root tend to twist and loop around other strands. Those with tightly coiled hair may experience single strand knots more. 

How can we prevent single strand knots?

Though we can completely eliminate the appearance of the knots, we can work to reduce the appearances.  Below are a few steps that can help decrease the appearances of single strand knots.

1.      Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Be sure to moisturize your hair at least once a day.  A simple refresher of water, can add some needed moisture to your strands.  You should consume at least 64oz of water daily.  Hair health starts from within. 

2.      Remove build up from your strands.  It is important to avoid excess product build up. Blocked shafts can’t get moisture.  No moisture equals dry hair; dry hair equals single strand knots/matting.  Prior to clarifying your hair, be sure to detangle your strands.  You should avoid washing tangled/matted hair.  This will like result in a lot of breakage.

3.      Deep condition your hair weekly.  Providing your hair the needed nutrients will help fortify your hair allowing it to resist single strand knots.

4.      When drying your hair, try to avoid rugged materials.  Drying your hair with a rough towel can result in tangles.  I have several microfiber towels that I use to dry my hair. 

5.      When manipulating your coily strands, do so only when the hair is damp.  Working with your hair while it is damp makes it easier to manipulate your strands.  Try adding a conditioning product, like Charlie Renee Detangling Milk, to soothe and lubricate your curls.

6.      You should protect your hair will you are sleeping.   Wearing a proper satin cap, will help retain moisture and prevent friction.  

When untying the knots, be as gentle as possible.  Try not to pull and yank on the strands. If you have no success with gently untying your knots, its best to use a pair of shears to cut them out. It’s important to use sharp shears to avoid damaging the strand.