Hair and Your 40's

Image from RedApples WordPress article

Image from RedApples WordPress article

As I journey through this wonderful meadow delightfully titled “My 40’s”, I am faced with different challenges dealing with my hair and body.  Some are great discoveries and others are saddening findings.  You discover a glowing self-confidence and peaceful maturity that wasn’t present a few years prior.  Now with that does come the need a few more hours of sleep, stairs and my knees are mortal enemies, and of course the dreaded hormonal changes.  Hormonal imbalance is a reality we will face in our 40’s.  The variability causing weight gain and possible hair loss.  Although hair loss is possible, we can still have fabulous hair AT 40.  Here are a few things I find works for me

When thinking about growing or maintaining hair health, we need to think about what are the essentials attributes needed for anything to grow. You will need water, nourishment, and a healthy environment. 


You may start to notice that your hair is starting to become finer and thinner. This is natural change in your body.  You can manage your hair growth and/or retain hair and body health naturally

Incorporate the following vitamins and/or foods into your diet:

Items to include into your diet

Items to include into your diet


As you age, your hair and body will require a little more care and feeding than in your younger years.  I know beauty upkeep can be time consuming and we can use that time somewhere else. The key is to create a regime that works for your schedule and hair.  I have set wash days and incorporate co-washes as an intermediate solution.  Once you find your regimen, it will start to move faster.  To develop a regimen, you will need to include the following:


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If you are not a person who enjoys manipulating your own hair, I recommend finding a stylist that focuses on HAIR HEALTH. 

Be Flexible

With everything your body consumes, it may adjust to your products and routines.  Taking notes of what your hair needs will make this adjustment easier.  For instance, In the summer my hair loves gels/pomades and wash and go’s.  In the winter, my hair gets very dry.  If I use gels and the wash and go’s my hair will be dry and my curls look lifeless.  With that knowledge, I have go to ingredients and hairstyles to get me through the winter months.

Protective Styles

If you are natural or around any naturalist, you may be familiar with the term protective styles.  A Protective style gives your hair and scalp time to rest.  The resting time reduces scalp irritation and relieves constant stress on the hair strand.  Overmanipulating your hair could lead to breakage.  Choosing the wrong protective style can also create breakage.  You want to refrain from styles that tightly pulls on your hair strands.  If you are experiencing thinning, this will further complicate matters by adding breakage.  Allowing the hair to rest also gives the hair strand time to recover and grow in a peaceful environment.  Which leads me to the third tip


Lower Your Stress

By the time you are 40, you likely have multiple responsibilities that all require your attention RIGHT NOW.  Whether its kids, husband, work or just dramatic girlfriends, stress is all around you.  Stress can lead to hair loss and speed up the greying of your hair.  If you are leading a stressful life, try to find ways to simplify matters.  You can’t control anything but how you react to a problem. 

Incorporating the following could help:


I know what you are thinking.  “That’s easier said than done”!  Somethings are just unavoidable and part of being an adult.  In the event those grey hairs start to peek, due to stress or just natural progression of aging, you may decide to color your hair.  Which leads me to the next topic


Hair color is often used to change your look or to cover up your grey.  If this is a path you have chosen but you are concerned about damage, worry no more. Life is way too short to not do something as normal as coloring your hair.  If you want it, GO FOR IT. Just be knowledgeable and prepared for what comes with that journey.  You have options!!

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There are natural colorants like henna and cassia that are known to color and strengthen your strands.  There are also temporary rinses, semi-permanent dye and permanent dye.  Before you decide on either method, make sure to research all of the possible effects.

I have a love/hate relationship with color.  I like to spice up my look from time to time and I have grey hair.  However, I often experience breakage from coloring my hair. I had to accept that breakage and a haircut will be part of the hair coloring process, for me.  The key is minimizing the negative effects of coloring your hair. 

With hair color, your hair will perform differently.  Your usual products might not work, the curl pattern may change (if bleaching), or it may appear dull at times.  You will need to devise a routine that will protect your hair from the elements and give it the nourishment it will need to maintain health.

Your 40’s, like other age groups, you will have your struggles.  The key is to find out what you want, what your hair needs and work within those limits. Hair can be fun now lets GO AND ENJOY IT!!!

****Please read responsibly!
I am not a doctor or haircare professional.  I am sharing my journey and the information I discovered during my journey....