How to keep your skin glowing and healthy in humid weather

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 As a curly girl, humidity has always signaled its going to be a bad hair day.  I would push my hair up into a pineapple and take on the day.  But, humidity can affect much more than just your hair. Humidity is one the biggest adversaries of the healthy skin.  The level of moisture in the air can have a significant impact on the skin, even if you do not suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Interestingly, both overly low and high humidity levels can be troublesome.

Its summertime so you are likely experiencing skin related issues due to HIGH humidity.  During the humid months, your body produces extra oil and sweat.  This could lead to clogged pores resulting in acne breakouts. But don’t sweat the small stuff, we have you covered

Here are a few interesting methods you can use to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Take a break

A common mistake most ladies make is they use a lot of makeup even when it is humid to cover up the oily patches of the skin. What they do not know that when the makeup will cover all the pores in the face, it will increase the production of sebum and oil that will attract acne-causing bacteria. It might lead to some allergic reactions as well. When you chose to apply makeup, be sure to thoroughly remove the makeup and cleanse your face properly before going to bed. It is the best way to keep your skin healthy.

Wash your skin after perspiring

Photo credit: Essence

Photo credit: Essence

Wash with an alcohol-free, non-abrasive, skin cleanser and rinse it away with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water helps to open your pores and, unlike hot water, won't strip your skin of moisture.



Keep your hands away

Humidity promotes the growth of bacteria and mold resulting in skin irritation. Constant touching of your skin and face could add to the bacteria that your skin is exposed to in the environment. Thus, increasing your risk of rashes and breakouts.

Focus your moisture

Apply moisturizers to the area that needs the most attention and avoid the areas that are known to be oily. 

Exfoliate and moisturize

Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin whether it is high humidity summer or a low humidity winter. Removal of dead cells and toxins is not the only thing you have to deal with. It is important to assure that you remove all the dirt and debris that is stored in the pores of your skin. This will reduce your risk of pimples and wrinkles. Exfoliating will promote soft skin making you look young and fresh

  • When you will exfoliate the skin, it will help in the removal of all the dead skin cells.
  • Your new skin cells will grow that will help you improve your overall look in limited time
  • Do not forget to moisturize your skin properly and prefer using natural moisturizer, so you will not have to deal with oily skin

Assure that you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week because it will help bring the results that you have always wanted. Properly moisturizing your skin will keep your skin healthy and glowing.


Steam me

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Before and after my workouts, I spend a few minutes in the sauna.  I do so to warm up my muscles, reduce the lactic acid build up (that can lead to sore muscles), and to purify my body.  When you work out, your pores get larger and your sweat flushes out the toxins.  Though a good workout is great for your body and skin, you can replace the activity with increased temperatures to focus on your skin. 

Note: I encourage a healthy fitness routine. 

Increased sweating caused by the sauna is a simple acceleration of one of the body's natural mechanism for riding itself of impurities. Fewer toxins equals fewer clogged pores.  A couple of things to consider when using the sauna:

  • Saunas can over-dry your skin
  • Saunas increase circulation
  • For optimal results, cleanse your face prior to entering the sauna
  • Drink plenty of water

Water, it does a body good

First, you should start drinking water. A common mistake most individuals make is they do not consume enough water. It is better that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water will help wash out all the toxins that are affecting the health of your skin. It will also help in the removal of the dead cells. Drinking more water will bring a positive change and you will notice that your skin will automatically start to glow.

Home stretch

If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you.  A few mindful consistent steps will keep your skin glowing in all seasons. And remember, when possible, use natural products for the care of your skin. Charlie Renee is the natural skincare product brand that has the natural products formulated to encourage healthy skin. Check out the store for more information.