Charlie Renee offers moisture rich and protective properties blended to meet the distinct needs of your hair and body.  Focusing on total body health, Charlie Renee sourced superior and reputable sources for our raw ingredients.  Charlie Renee offers blends that can be used from head to toe.


mOTHERS' Butter

This whipped mango butter will protect, seal and nourish curls, coils and body.  You will enjoy the creamy and spreadable butter as it seals the moisture into your hair and body.  Mothers' Butter is made using natural ingredients and fragrances.   


This product is 100% pure shea from the Mali shea trees which grow in sub-Saharan Africa. The Mali shea tree grows in a different climate of the known shea butter region of Ghana.  The origins of the shea nut produces a creamier shea butter with a reduced aroma.   Our shea butter  is prepared with a small amount of lime juice. The lime juice acts as a natural preservative to provide a longer shelf life.  With proper storage, this creamy unrefined shea butter should last you 2 years. 

Hair Whip